Start/Finish Line: The Gauntlet starts and ends here. What happens in the middle is up to you and your will. Can you conquer the Gauntlet? 

Jug Run: The course begins with each athlete carrying two gallon jugs of water around the first 200 
meters of the track.

Steeple Chase Hurdles: Jump, leap, and crawl your way past a sea of hurdles.

Tire Pump: Agility training to the max! Quickly navigate yourself through over 300 tires and separate yourself 
from the pack.

Net Crawl: Time to get down and dirty. Try as you might, you will get caught up in this annoyingly low netting.

Agility ladders: Floating ladders will test your quickness and agility. Remember, Gauntlet runners are known 
not only for their strength and stamina, but also for their balance and agility.

Slip-n-Slides: Have some fun running and sliding over these giant slip and slides. Just make sure you make it the 
whole way or it will be a tough crawl off.

Waterfall: Not wet enough? Now you should be.

Carrying a Load: Time to slow down. Athletes must pull a cement block with a rope around the diamond.

Tube Crawl: If you don’t like small spaces, this obstacle will be a challenge for you. Your legs will be useless in 
the narrow confines of each of these tubes, so you better use your arms to pull yourself through this obstacle. There really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Mud Bog: Time to take this course into the marsh to get even more dirty.

Hanging Tires: You’ve escaped so far… now what! Run for your life thru the swampy forest but make sure you 
dodge the swinging tires or feel the wrath of the rubber!

Rope Traverse: The Gauntlet continues. Now you must cross over a mud pit with just one rope overhead to 
hold, and another below to walk on. The rope is slippery, and tends to get water-logged causing it to sag deeper and deeper into the bog as the day goes on. This obstacle requires mental grit and persistence to successfully complete.

Mud Crawl: Yes. This is a giant mud pit! Eat dirt as you crawl commando-style under a steel grate only a few inches from 
the ground.

Hill Climbs: As the name suggests, runners must climb up and over a hill but this hill is made of dirt and mud.

Slippery Slope: Your almost to the finish line; if only you could just get up this slick tarped hill.

                                                 *Some obstacles subject to change

The Obstacles

Video courtesy of Brian Lane